Join Emailexpert Mentoring Program

The Emailexpert Mentorship Program’s mission is to inspire and encourage individuals within the email community to develop their skills, confidence and career progression.


  • Make a difference to someone’s career
  • Enhance and develop your natural leadership skills
  • Understand new perspectives
  • Gain recognition
  • Learn from others that have taken a similar path that you’re on
  • Improve the way you tackle a challenge or issue
  • Broaden your professional network

We kick off with a loosely structured 6 session programme that takes place over 6 months. Each session is up to 1hr. At the end of the 6 months both mentor and mentee can agree whether there is benefit to continuing the mentoring privately into the future.

Access to material, request feedback and more through a dedicated mentoring portal.

Certification for the completion of the first 6 months – received by both mentor and mentee.

If you both find value in a long term relationship, you are able to do so outside of the emailexpert mentoring programme. We hope that you will! 

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